What we do

Africana main goals are the provision of support to the children with disabilities and other vulnerable children in Africa, and around the world, where Africana has presence.

Africana realises its goals through the projects with specific attention to the increase of the knowledge, capacity and skills of the local community and ensures sustainability and local ownership of the projects.

Africana most often works through partnership with local community organizations. Partnership enables involvement and participation of local community from the beginning. It also, ensures that local staff are trained, capable and confident to fully take over the project on their own.

Main activities implemented by Africana are as following:

  • Rehabilitation of existing facilities which provide support to the children
  • Provision of equipment necessary to run the services for children
  • Protection and promotion of children’s rights
  • Donation of Assistive and Mobility Devices to the children with disabilities
  • Provision of physiotherapy sessions to the children with disabilities and teaching sessions to the caregivers
  • Organization of workshops, trainings and seminars for local technical staff